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withdrawing money

Feb 25, 2020 by liz cooke

I am only clicking this box so I can write review. I am wanting to withdraw the funds collected during our campaign and it is not allowing me to do it all despite all the correct procedures. I have been emailing constantly and NO response at all. there are no telephone numbers to contact anyone. It is extremely distressing, especially as the funds have been donated and we need the money NOW to help my terminal ill sister who needs to pay her rent money or get kicked out. I would never have thought this GOFUNDME could scam us, but why don't they answer emails withholding over $6000 worth of friends and family donations for us. Cannot tell you how distressing this is, especially for my sister.

Go FUnd Me won't pay

Feb 05, 2020 by Betty Mantion

I don't even have a rating. these people are scam artists themselves. I have been trying to collect funds for an October 2019 fundraising campaign. All you can do is email these people and get back a bull shit response. They say Pay Pal is supposed to pay out the funds. I call Pay Pal and they have no clue what I am talking about. Yo can't talk to a person as the internet indicates they don't have phone numbers. I research to see who they are accountable to and get this to give a review. You have to be kidding me. DO they do what they want. It looks that way. Its a shame when the people who are there to help are the ones scamming people. Please if you can help it don't ever use this platform to raise money. You may never get I what you raised. I'm giving one star because I have to in order to get this message review through. Like I said in the beginning they are not even deserving of one star. its a crying shame.

go fund yourself

Oct 01, 2019 by erin rossi

i am on twitter and there is a new #philanthropy movement and its out of control! some of these people have had their accounts for over a year, one guy asked for a car and got the $ donated 1500.00 and is still asking for people to donate more money! this guy has been waiting 2 years to get accepted to disability which isn't guaranteed and in the mean time wants people to support him his wife and 6 kids! mind you this guy has child support he has to pay each month also. why are they allowing people to keep their go fund me acct. to be left up for so long and to keep begging??? this guy expects others to pay his whole life for???? when is it going to be enough???

Chuck Demeo

Jul 08, 2018 by James McCart

What a scam collecting money for someone who never paid child support for his 1 son ,was a heroin addict and robbed a drug store . Bottom dwellers begging for money is sickening and shouldn't be allowed . Why are losers that chose their lifestyle allowed to ask people to support their losing choices . Sickening .


Jun 08, 2018 by paul robinson

a fund was set up for me after lightning struck our home and destroyed everything. 11 days later and not a penny. they keep finding different reasons why i am not allowed to take the money people have donated to me. or, as it looks like now, have donated to gofundme


May 24, 2018 by Rob

My company set me up an account when my house burned down, I have not received a penny and there is no help desk to contact that will respond. so me and my children remain homeless because we can see the page but not get the money. its a scam I will never deal with them again.

Why The Extra Fee????

May 17, 2018 by Vicki

I donated yesterday to 2 different GoFundMe accounts. I have done this before but never been charged any extra money for operating expenses. One account did not charge me any extra fees, yet the other one did. Next time I decide to donate, I will just give them cash or send a check. People who are willing to donate to a cause should not have to upkeep this web site's operating expenses.


May 13, 2018 by DANIEL BIENIEK

Donated many times before, but now I have to tip, to give away MY MONEY? What kind of scam is this? NO THANKS I'LL STAY AWAY.

Catch me once, shame on you

May 01, 2018 by Peter

First time user of gofundme. ripped me 15% tip Well done gofundme.... you got me.. nice to take advantage of those that give!

Is this legitimate organization

Apr 30, 2018 by Raja Kolla

Yeaster day my self and my son donated to Ania Karcher’s son Cole. But I do not see our names in the list donated. I am wondering is this GoFund organization is it really legitimate.

The Tip $ does not go to the recipient

Apr 19, 2018 by susan firtch

I made a donation today to help a family friend with a sick baby. Then the site wanted a 10% tip. I didn't understand that, but hoped it reduced the recipient's fees or helped them in some way, so I paid it. Then I went on line and looked it up. The tip apparently goes to go fund me for its operating expenses, even though the recipients are still charged fees. Isn't this supposed to be a charitable endeavor? If I had it to do over again, I would still have given the money to help the sick baby, but I would have seen if there was a way to opt out of the tip.


Apr 05, 2018 by Kathleen Sowers

I did not give a donation after seeing your tip %!That's just disgusting. You don't even say who is getting the tip. It's a sad day for what I thought was a great way to help others.


Feb 23, 2018 by William Burns

I have a really serious issue with GoFund now asking for a tip, there is something seriously wrong with the change they made. I can understand 2% or 3% at most, but 10% is a blatant ripoff and I have no intention of using their service in the future.


Feb 09, 2018 by Marilee Pavik

I started to put money in a GoFund and was shocked about the tip. I was asked for 10% and a friend was asked for 15%. that is serious money going somewhere besides the person in need

Jan 14, 2018 by Janet Hulstein

GoFundMe doesn't fact check before allowing a campaign. A fundraiser was started for a tenant of ours who caused our home to burn. Tenant said she owned the home and was a single mother. Tenant claimed heater was broke when her gas was disconnected for non payment. Tenant was under eviction and fire is being investigated for arson. GoFundMe didn't check the story.


Dec 27, 2017 by TLC Canine Center

Before becoming involved with this company, I advise checking out ALL the complaints. They do a slick job of promoting themselves, and they have an awesome sounding Guarantee...which is worthless. They owe our non-profit group about $4,000...which was given by trusting people. GOFUNDME admits that it is owed to us...I have e-mails documenting that, but they refuse to send the money. They are a very questionable outfit...I finally found a phone number for them....it is a recording referring the caller to use e-mail. They simply give one excuse after another....DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.


Nov 18, 2017 by Linda

So far, so good. I have no complaints. They said the money would take 3-5 days to transfer, and it transfers way faster than that. I see where someone has donated (making my total go up) and then I get an email from GFM that a certain amount will be transferred and then, there it is. I actually couldn't be happier.

Fradulent GO FUND ME account reported with no help!

Aug 08, 2017 by Pretzel

I am appalled by GO FUND ME! My sister died. She was married and cremated and now her adopted son in a different state is trying to get money out of innocent, giving people. He is asking for $3600 for a memorial service in a location far from where my sister ever lived. I contacted GO FUND ME and they told me that I should fill out a claim form if I donated and tell other donors to do the same. The originator is using his so called fiance's FB account and she and he have criminal records. I fear reporting this to the local police because of lack of confidentiality. I highly recommend not to use GO FUND ME since they pocket a % of the donations and basically do not care about innocent ppl donating on fradulent requests!

Campaign organizer is committing fraud or breaking the law.

Jul 30, 2017 by Lori L Martinelli-Perkins

You should only report a GoFundMe campaign if you believe the campaign organizer is committing fraud or breaking the law. Personal disputes between two parties will be ignored.
Maybe this company started out with good intentions but the almighty dollar got the best of them.
How do we know that all these Campaigns are true. Who do you contact if you think the organizer is breaking the law? Who confirms each and every plea for help? My ex-son-in-law is asking for money for legal fee's to help him when we go to court to fight to see our grand-daughter. His story is FAKE NEWS!

The worst company and support EVER!!!!

Jul 29, 2017 by Nancy

If I could give them no stars I would. A friend was in a bad accident. And my friends and family donated money. Then the idiots that work at gofundme delayed us pulling the funds by weeks. And integrated us like we were criminals. Asking questions and acting as if they are involved in anyway. HEY GOFUNDME your a landing page your not the hero. We are the hero's butt out of the event and know your role!!! There support staff is terrible. Asking 100 questions when all of the answers are there in the campaign and account


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