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Jan 11, 2016 by S. TS

Fundraisers need to read all terms and conditions to make an informed decision about using GoFundMe. It seems OK though.
Donors need to be aware that not all requests for donations are giving you the whole truth. Research all aspects of the story. Eg. Medical- eg. People wanting money forrocedures covered by their Govt healthcare system.

Read the fine print; there are no free lunches

Jan 09, 2016 by sara baer

Those big number successes are few and far between.

I experienced most of the issues that have been shared here when a dear family member set up a campaign when life handed me the unacceptable.

GFM does discriminate, is easily used as a scam and you could be endangered if you share your name, and there is little you can do about it except to start another one without your name attached and let the people who tried to help you know what happened, but that anonymity costs your new campaign because then people don't trust it because of the pervasive scamming, so it's all the same.

They are not perfect communicators and there are assumptions and judgments with and without good cause.

The funds you raise are reduced by at least 10% by GFM/moneychanger before you get them plus the government does consider it income, so if you're in a 25% bracket, that's a 35+% loss or a 65% gain, depending on how you frame it.

Direct to Paypal costs 8%.

There is a need for a safe, genuine, straightforward way to do this that allows you to keep more of your donations, but I have not yet found it other than direct solicitation of cash from those you already know, and in many cases you've already done that or you wouldn't be here.

Prayers and best wishes to all in need who were inspired to try this because the majority of us do need the help and find it hard to ask, or others wouldn't be inspired to do it for us.


Dec 24, 2015 by Candace

I have used gofundme to raise now over $25,000 for 4 friends battling cancer. Sure, someone could use the site to scam, but to give it poor rates based on the few who do??? What about all the families it helps? I love gofundme! The total 7.9% taken is honest for the product. Easy website, easy viral social media exposure, and it has helped everyone's camapaign I have started greatly. 5 stars always!


Dec 22, 2015 by NJ

If you are a christian, watch out. All you have to do is begin a campaign on your stance for your beliefs, and they will shut your account down. Search the story of the Kleins family.
Very sad, that this people that own this site want to control the Christians of America, and punish them for their Faith.
Don't support this site.

Nobody ever donates unless ur story is on the news

Dec 20, 2015 by teresa

I have a friend her and her husband and twin 4 yr olds lost everything a week before Christmas because of a house fire and not one donation . So either people are just that heartless or like i said get the news involved . Pretty sad these babies will go without a christmas because they werent on the news .

Excellent, but high fees

Dec 14, 2015 by Lauren

I found the site easy to use, and my campaign raised more than my goal in one day! The fees are very high, though, I may look for a more reasonably priced option.

Not horrible for me

Dec 12, 2015 by fsh011

I used it when we had a sudden death in the family and the process was pretty seamless. I ran into some trouble when I donated to a childhood friend who was using the site to run a scam. I was worried that I wouldn't get my money back, but after a few emails back and forth between customer service, they started processing my refund. I emailed them and they contacted me within a few minutes. I was super worried because you read about all these horror stories of GFM and their customer service, but my experience was rather positive.

GoFundMe refuse to communicate...

Dec 01, 2015 by Andrew van Ginkel

I am so sick of GoFundMe, I have complained for weeks about a scammer using their service, they simply ignore any reports I send. I have provided plenty evidence to prove the person is a crook, but GoFundMe just keeps letting him use their service, this has been going on since 2009, but still they allow this person to run a scam. Never ever will I trust them to act responsibly when it comes to running what could be great service.

If I needed help probably use it again.

Nov 28, 2015 by Carolyn

So for we have had no negativity. Money is sent on time and with only the amount agreed upon starting the fund. OUr site was visited many times but only family and close friends donated any money. Would I do it again. I don't know. Asking for help is not easy. I guess it depends on the situation.

Never again

Oct 10, 2015 by Diane Goulet

Worst site ever. I donated to a neighbour who had lost her husband in a car accident. The money was supposed to go toward her 2 young sons. The scumbag who started the account drained every last cent. The family received nothing.

This is a joke

Oct 09, 2015 by Yvonne Jandles

Someone started a campaign for my daughter without our knowledge and have given a totally false story to garner sympathy from donors. We contacted the person and asked them to remove the campaign and she still refuses to do it. I wonder where the money is going as we have not asked for this person's help. Although I reported it to GFM I was told that they would investigate and are not obliged to share the results of their findings. In the meantime our family is made to look like beggars when we have had nothing to do with this. My daughter is in fact a married woman who is living with her husband and his family but is made out to be a destitute in another country. Why won't GFM do anything about it and save innocent people from sending money to a cause for someone who is on their own glory mission to look like a knight in shining armour?

We want an answer

Sep 09, 2015 by Jm

No star sorry you took down my sisters campaign with no explaination why, we have violated none of your posted rules, its been over a week and no answer to her queries, no customer service, no phone number or live person to respond to our questions. Our campaign raised 1/3 of our goal in less than 2 days, we would appreciate at least knowing why you deemed her campaign unworthy?

Not helpful

Aug 29, 2015 by lj

I don't like gofundme.com. I was campaigning for funds for less fortunate children in the Philippines (http://www.gofundme.com/100-happysmiles) that would run all year round, unfortunately I had no enough donation for my $2000 target (only $50.00 was donated), so gofundme.com removed the donation url for that reason. I checked my account why, and their reason is because the donation did not reach $500.00. Because of this, I was not able to make anymore donation from where I embedded the donation code in my own website for a few more people to donate. The link was removed without prior notice, living me expecting it was working alright until I noticed the link did not exist anymore. I still have to try more crowdfunding sites that have no such policy and be more helpful to anybody seeking help.

Awful site!

Aug 27, 2015 by Gabs

Can I give them a zero rating? Right at the apex of our campaign they shut down our account without an explanation. Its been two days and email after email goes ignored. I don't know where the money that was donated to me is, or whether it will be returned to me or my donors. Their customer service only sends you generic emails and NEVER answer your questions. Has anyone dealt with the same? Any advise on how to proceed? Long story short DO NOT USE GO FUND ME!!

Does this even WORK?

May 17, 2015 by Penny

I don't think these things work, to be honest. I saw on Facebook a post that said that some girl in Toronto got "from Homeless to enough money to pay for Harvard" using gofundme.com but I'm beginning to wonder HOW. They say to network among those you know but if that would have EVER worked in my 40-something misspent years of living, it would have worked by now and I wouldn't be resorting to trying to ask strangers on the Internet for college money!! I mean, my schpiel basically says help me help get ASL certified to help DEAF PEOPLE out in the boondocks and still, NOTHING. NADA. NO dice. I mean, are you supposed to purposely target exactly those billionaires who WOULD help the Deaf, or something?! I even posted my link IN a bunch of deaf support groups on Facebook and STILL no dice. I may have to try to win the bloody lottery to pay for ASL interpreter training, for God's sake.


May 11, 2015 by anon

Go Fund me is a place where you can easily be scammed. And Go Fund Me helps them do it. I had someone write to me out of the blue on Facebook after I had posted some messages from the hospital about being very ill and asking for prayer. I did not know this person and they got on my friends list thru a FB group I had been on. Never bothered me in the past and suddenly wrote me saying they felt so bad for me and they wanted to start a Go Fund Me acct to help me out. I finally agreed to it but knew nothing about it. After a couple of days there was less than 200 bucks in in and I asked how I got the money out as I could use it for gas to doctors and for groceries. I found out this person had made the acct so only they could take money out and to make a long story short they never gave me a dime after I asked. I wrote to Go Fund Me and explained the situation and said my friends had donated money but I had no access to it and I did not know the person that started it and they were keeping the money and to please shut it down and send the money to me. They refused. They did eventually shut it down after I got a police report number and sent it to them. And they said they would refund anyone that asked but the people had to ask and say it was fraud since the recipient never got it. I think the organizer got away with close to $65 tho. At least I reported it before they got it all. But they could have prevented any funds going to the scammer had they immediately stopped funding the person and investigated and it took a couple of days. By that time she had taken money. Be very wary and unless you know the person do not allow anyone to use your name and do not donate to anyone unless you know the organizer or who they are. I do not recommend the site because they are very slow to stop scams or give the recipient the money. They protect the organizer who can very easily be scammers. You will never find out if they did anything to the scammer. They will not tell you.

Impossible to make donation

May 07, 2015 by Tom Impomeni

After trying a half dozen times to make my donation, the demon pay pal monster pissed me off so I just gave up. It is not enuff that they hit you up for a buck to run the fund, but they have just got to have you use pay pay and therefore will keep declining my card over and over. Well pay pay sucks, always has, and always will.


May 03, 2015 by Karen

I had no problem with this site and our money was paid two days after requested. I like that you can withdraw daily if you want but can continue to collect and the fundraising goal remains intake as does the total amount funded. Only suggestion is to include an editing option for when we post something !


May 03, 2015 by elizabeth mccoy

I seen the report on FOX NEWS!! You will fund child molesters...and and sex offenders..and convicted murders. but You won't allow Balimore, Md. Police to have a go fund me account..shame on you. I have a lot of friends who use GO Fund ME....but not ANYMORE!!!

go fund me sucks

May 02, 2015 by jguerrilla

IMAGINE THINKING THAT YOU CAN DECIDE GUILT BEFORE EVIDENCE IS. PRESENTED IN COURT...In America your innocent until proven guilty.. In the foreign land of go fund me your guilty perriod.

Crowdfunding Websites , USA 1.7 5.0 94 94 What a scam collecting money for someone who never paid child support for his 1 son ,was a heroin addict and robbed a drug store . Bottom dwellers begging for money is sickening an

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