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Awful site!

Aug 27, 2015 by Gabs

Can I give them a zero rating? Right at the apex of our campaign they shut down our account without an explanation. Its been two days and email after email goes ignored. I don't know where the money that was donated to me is, or whether it will be returned to me or my donors. Their customer service only sends you generic emails and NEVER answer your questions. Has anyone dealt with the same? Any advise on how to proceed? Long story short DO NOT USE GO FUND ME!!

Does this even WORK?

May 17, 2015 by Penny

I don't think these things work, to be honest. I saw on Facebook a post that said that some girl in Toronto got "from Homeless to enough money to pay for Harvard" using gofundme.com but I'm beginning to wonder HOW. They say to network among those you know but if that would have EVER worked in my 40-something misspent years of living, it would have worked by now and I wouldn't be resorting to trying to ask strangers on the Internet for college money!! I mean, my schpiel basically says help me help get ASL certified to help DEAF PEOPLE out in the boondocks and still, NOTHING. NADA. NO dice. I mean, are you supposed to purposely target exactly those billionaires who WOULD help the Deaf, or something?! I even posted my link IN a bunch of deaf support groups on Facebook and STILL no dice. I may have to try to win the bloody lottery to pay for ASL interpreter training, for God's sake.


May 11, 2015 by anon

Go Fund me is a place where you can easily be scammed. And Go Fund Me helps them do it. I had someone write to me out of the blue on Facebook after I had posted some messages from the hospital about being very ill and asking for prayer. I did not know this person and they got on my friends list thru a FB group I had been on. Never bothered me in the past and suddenly wrote me saying they felt so bad for me and they wanted to start a Go Fund Me acct to help me out. I finally agreed to it but knew nothing about it. After a couple of days there was less than 200 bucks in in and I asked how I got the money out as I could use it for gas to doctors and for groceries. I found out this person had made the acct so only they could take money out and to make a long story short they never gave me a dime after I asked. I wrote to Go Fund Me and explained the situation and said my friends had donated money but I had no access to it and I did not know the person that started it and they were keeping the money and to please shut it down and send the money to me. They refused. They did eventually shut it down after I got a police report number and sent it to them. And they said they would refund anyone that asked but the people had to ask and say it was fraud since the recipient never got it. I think the organizer got away with close to $65 tho. At least I reported it before they got it all. But they could have prevented any funds going to the scammer had they immediately stopped funding the person and investigated and it took a couple of days. By that time she had taken money. Be very wary and unless you know the person do not allow anyone to use your name and do not donate to anyone unless you know the organizer or who they are. I do not recommend the site because they are very slow to stop scams or give the recipient the money. They protect the organizer who can very easily be scammers. You will never find out if they did anything to the scammer. They will not tell you.

Impossible to make donation

May 07, 2015 by Tom Impomeni

After trying a half dozen times to make my donation, the demon pay pal monster pissed me off so I just gave up. It is not enuff that they hit you up for a buck to run the fund, but they have just got to have you use pay pay and therefore will keep declining my card over and over. Well pay pay sucks, always has, and always will.


May 03, 2015 by Karen

I had no problem with this site and our money was paid two days after requested. I like that you can withdraw daily if you want but can continue to collect and the fundraising goal remains intake as does the total amount funded. Only suggestion is to include an editing option for when we post something !


May 03, 2015 by elizabeth mccoy

I seen the report on FOX NEWS!! You will fund child molesters...and and sex offenders..and convicted murders. but You won't allow Balimore, Md. Police to have a go fund me account..shame on you. I have a lot of friends who use GO Fund ME....but not ANYMORE!!!

go fund me sucks

May 02, 2015 by jguerrilla

IMAGINE THINKING THAT YOU CAN DECIDE GUILT BEFORE EVIDENCE IS. PRESENTED IN COURT...In America your innocent until proven guilty.. In the foreign land of go fund me your guilty perriod.

discrimination in the name of non discrimination

May 02, 2015 by ernie baker

Do you want to support a site that discriminates against people of faith? The 1st Amendment is under attack folks. The Kleins need support.

Ban Christians for helping other Christians

Apr 28, 2015 by Shawn Swanson

Shut down the site of the Christian Bakers that would not bake a cake for a gay wedding. Site was formed to help the persecuted Christians pay the ridiculous $135,000 judgement. Time to find an alternative funding site. This site has no integrity!

The wonderful people at Samaritan’s Purse Ministries have set up their own fundraising page to help the Klein family survive the horrible legal judgment.

Shut down the bakers account?

Apr 28, 2015 by David kellenberger

While they can disagree with anyone they should prevent someone from raising funds just because they follow their religious beliefs. Time for people to find an alternate funding site and stop using gofundme.


Apr 26, 2015 by so sad

So it's OK to discriminate against sweek cakes because you don't agree with their stance but its not OK for them???? talk about double standards!

A bigoted intolerant company

Apr 25, 2015 by Eric

GoFundMe is a bigoted intolerant company that discriminates against people of faith. They took down a fundraising campaign to help Aaron and Melissa Klein who formerly operated Sweet Cakes by Melissa. The state of Oregon informed the Kleins that they had to violate their consciences and religious beliefs and participate in a homosexual "wedding" or pay a huge fine which turned out to be $135,000.

No Customer Service Available

Apr 20, 2015 by Debra Hodges

I have been trying to withdrawal my funds for over a week! There is no one to actually talk with and they send "canned" responses to emails. I am ready to call my Oregon State Attorney Generals office.

The website is difficult to use or edit! Love the idea but there is no real human to talk with and their 800 number goes in circles. Totally frustrated with their lack of customer service!

GFM is Legit. What is better?

Mar 29, 2015 by Ellen

I read the reviews and now in quandry. What is getter crowdfunding method for a personal project?
I understand about necessity of fees but am reticent to set a goal, and yet not receive what has been donated until stated goal is attained.

Too good to be true

Mar 13, 2015 by Andrew

As a cancer patient last year, my friends set up a GoFundMe account to help offset my medical expenses. Not only does GFM take 5% of overall funds raised they also submit your account to the IRS to be taxed as a business entity come tax time. So, say you raised $400k. Some lucky bastard is going to get a tax form saying you owe taxes on $400k. If you really want to help, give money directly, don't used GFM.

Mar 03, 2015 by airrion

I'm wondering if we raised $1,655 why gofundme is trying to pay us $900, that's more than 7.9% I've emailed 3x and no one has responded also I've called severs numbers and still no respond.

tim wood

Feb 27, 2015 by Sandy Wood

I have read the reviews, there is a a Memorial fund set up by missy wood. We are a family divided, I'm not happy with the contents of her campaign regarding me his wife. WITH THAT , they are working very hard to make there goals for a resting place for there dad and others. All the people that has made evey effort to make this happen are very hard working individual. I hope GOFUNDME , don't take advantage of their situation, and give them the money that has been donated to them . God is watching.

GO FUND & WE PAY did not release my funds

Feb 25, 2015 by Adriana Tamayo

I had requested $499 to be withdrawn from the Go Fund account so that I could pay for an archaeology field school in Italy. I learned 3 days later, as I waited for my funds in the bank, that WE PAY cancelled my deposit. I learned that GO FUND and WE PAY had put in the wrong account number. I have to wait another 4 to 7 days for the money to re-deposit. Due to that error, I was not able to make the deadline for the field school. Hence, I will not be going to Italy. GO FUND "Meaghan" Ms Customer Happiness stated it was my error. According to my bank it was not. If anyone is thinking of GO FUND, don't. Raise the funds on your own through other means. I was a cancer survivor and they destroyed my dream!


Feb 20, 2015 by Elena Naskova

Once my campaign was done they refused to release the funds, clamming that they're trying to protect the people who donated to my campaign from me, who may be a fraud. All this after they allowed donation to my campaign. So if I'm the fraud, why would they open it out for people to donate? So GoFundMe will get the money and hold on to it? Who is the fraud here?

I collected the money for charity, and once I closed the campaign and asked to withdraw the money, I went ahead and gave the money to charity thinking the withdrawal will come in a few days. I put a copy of the receipt from the charity on my campaign. And they still won't release the money, because I didn't prove that I'm not a fraud.

Absolute bull. Don't ever use them.

i cant get any customer service !

Feb 06, 2015 by charles clark

My dad said he put $100 in my account and its not there . Where is it ?! This is the crappiest site ever

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