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May 19, 2016 by Valma Muir

Indiegogo is basically an "automated" virtual business. If you want to ask for help, just know that you will be dealing with nebulous emails and that is if you are lucky enough to get a response. The business is un-contactable. The telephone number is not answered by anyone and again it is purely automated. We are presently on Indiegogo but are seriously thinking of pulling out and rather going with a crowd funding platform that engages their clients and has real support.


May 14, 2016 by Silvia

Tried to contribute to an indiegogo campaign via paypal with no success. Many calls with paypal even had paypal watch the transaction from their end, the bank authorizes the transaction but it doesn't get completed on indiegogo's end. The screen asks me for a credit card number after I've logged in to paypal. Indiegogo's "customer happiness" team members are only available via email, they don't carefully read their emails so there is a lot of back and forth and repeating information, waiting a day in-between each email. They appear to have ZERO concern for those running campaigns. They don't answer their phones, it is just an outgoing message.
I had very high hopes for this endeavor and was thrilled to use my funds to help make projects I connect with come to life and instead I am disappointed and frustrated. Indiegogo has ruined crowdfunding for me.

Stay Away from Indiegogo in the UK

Apr 19, 2016 by Leigh

Do yourself a favour and stay away - especially in the UK.

Much alike many other of the comments below me I too contributed to a campaign on Indiegogo -

The delivery date of the perk has been constantly pushed back since September 2015, with no updates since January from the Campaigner despite multiple chases.

After contacting Indiegogo they are wiping their hands in the matter, urging me to contact the Campaigner directly to resolve this - surprise to no avail.

Since then I have contacted Action Fraud UK who have also explained that no concerns will be handed to the police as there is no evidence of fraud.

In addition I have contacted my Credit Card company for protection who have explained their contractual obligations were to send Indiegogo money, therefore there is no contractual obligation to the Campainer (quite rightly to be fair - I have put this for information only).

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK have also pretty much wiped their hands in the matter, where they explain that "whilst they do regulate peer to peer and equity based schemes, they consider them to be “high risk”. The FCA does not regulate any donation or reward crowdfunding." (source:

Personally I don't care about the money I've now written off the loss, but how on earth is this just and fair?


Apr 05, 2016 by Bob Griswold

I contributed $30 to a campaign on Indiegogo that had already reached its funding goals on January 28, 2016. The shipping date for the product was listed as December 15, 2015 (and is still listed as December 15, 2015). Since it was January 28, 2016, I figured I would receive the product in a reasonable time. It is now April 4, 2016, and despite numerous inquiries to the campaign owner as well as Indiegogo itself, I have received exactly NOTHING - no replies to my messages, no product shipped, and no refund. This is clearly a FRAUD.

Appears to be a scam site.

Mar 31, 2016 by Paul

Sent my money for a product in January. Other than an immediate email response from Indiegogo acknowledging my "contribution" I have heard nothing from anyone. Sent emails to Indiegogo support. Their only comment was that they do not control the campaign owners and that I need to contact them directly via Facebook. The campaign page has been taken down and have heard nothing. Either the entire site is a scam or they simply enable scammers. Lesson learned.


No safety at all, empty promisses

Mar 03, 2016 by Irfan

I wish I had checked up on the site properly before committing - see this site as example :

I forked out my cash (not to mention my brothers too). I didnt receive my product, and when I tried to mail the support team at Indiegogo, it bounced back. But I directly copy and pasted the mail from there web site. Something is very wrong with this so called website, and its looking like its at the very minimum a poorly set up site which is misleading people into thinking they are buying an item by contributing. At the worse it may be an intentional scam ! Buyers beware.

What an awful site

Mar 01, 2016 by Keven Vicknair

I contributed to a scam campaign on indiegogo. I informed indiegogo and there are a multitude of comments on the site from other people scammed. But indiegogo refuses to take the campaign off. Their actions support the theory that they willingly allow and encourage scam campaigns.

Fake campaigner and Fraudulent people

Feb 07, 2016 by Muhammad

I paid money through credit 9 months ago still haven't received anything. The campaign owner has disappeared into thin air. Banks can help and indiegogo came up with 2.5font size disclaimer from T&C's.

Fraud campaigner & Fraudulent website. Don't put your money at risk.


Scams all over the place

Dec 19, 2015 by Kas D

IndieGogo is full of scams. And at IndieGogo they don't care, they still make money with scams after all...
One advise: avoid IndieGogo! I've learned this the hard way, has cost me over 100 USD and the money is gone! IndieGogo refuses to take any action or inform people about scams, they only point to their terms of use claiming it's not their fault.

Worst service ever

Nov 14, 2015 by Richard

Worst Experience of my life. Supported a campaign that looked legit and read about their algorithm about security so I felt safe turns out the video on the campaign is a complete fake. Indiegogo does no seem interested in helping contributors when you complain you get a form letter.

Stay Away From Indiegogo

Sep 06, 2015 by Max Alford

If you make the mistake of giving Indiegogo your email address, you will not be able to unsubscribe. I've tried to unsubscribe but continue to get their scam advertising.
The vast majority of the reviews are single stars. And the reviews with more than one star are written by people who can't even punctuate sentences intelligibly.

Waste of time

Jul 29, 2015 by jeanette

I started a campaign and nothing happen , its a waste of time and emails from my inbox thanking or asking me to rate their service.
i just don't understand those success story they are advertising. i thought this will help me but instead it create more frustration .

Indiegogo Big Waste of Time

Jul 26, 2015 by Mike Jones

I recently started a campaign, ran it for 11 days, then shut it down today. It yielded "no" results at all. After contacting Indiegogo support, they wanted me to spend half my day on the computer with social media sites to improve my "gogo" factor. If I had that kind of time I would just create my own website. They are a big, BIG, waste of time !!!!

Indiegogo Hotbed for "Scam-Pains"

Jul 07, 2015 by David Faik

Don't touch these. Many cut and run scammers. No checks by the organizers. No mention of risks. Let anyone start a campaign without even validating the company exists, the location etc. DODGY AS #$%^

Indiegogo get bent

May 08, 2015 by Red

I made a contribution to the making of a movie thru this "Indiegogo" and they didn't bother to put my name on the list of people who donated, which is going to be shown when the credits roll at the end of the movie. I was one of the first to contribute, so I don't know why this is so. I sent them an email saying I want nothing to do with them any more, which they posted with the comments. I was stunned that they would do this, and was able to delete it, thank God. I don't know what they told the director about me, but I received an angry email from him about this whole situation, which made me feel awful. They raised very little money for his movie, raising only about 10 percent of what he needed, so I don't know why he would want anything to do with them either. I recently left a nice comment on a Youtube video of the artist the movie is going to be about. These Indiegogo people replied to me, "Thanks for sticking around." I was humiliated and disgusted, because I was NOT talking to them in any way, shape or form. Stay away from these people. You will not make your goal, and you will be treated like you're nothing.

Place to get scammed

Apr 19, 2015 by Hadi

Backed soap. Got scammed. Indiegogo does not want to help. Indiegogo is a platform for you to get scammed.

Avoid Indiegogo

Apr 18, 2015 by Max

Do not use this fundraising outfit. It is user unfriendly. Just try to unsubscribe after you make the mistake of giving them your email address.

Common Sense is ESSENTIAL IRL

Apr 16, 2015 by Acidalia

I ran a 2 week campaign it was successful but I asked for an extension because we were doing so well. Mine was for personal stuff in the video/ art category. All of my sponsors were familiar with me from my online web series and I did a lot of advertising through that as well as my social media accounts. I met 130% of my goal and I haven't received my funds yet but I have received an email from Indiegogo telling me they have been released to my bank and I should expect them by the 21st. Which is 12 days from the end of my campaign and was expected. I see so many complaints here but 90% of them are null. If you donated to a cause without looking into the company that's your fault not indiegogo. If you read the TOS it tells you everything you need to know. Yes it sucks getting ripped off and not receiving your perk. Would you go up to a guy on the street with a bunch of pictures of his merchandise and a huge story and just hand him $100 in good faith for him to send you your item? Probably not. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding marketplace don't treat it any different it's not a store and every person selling their ideas on there can be just as shady as a marketplace man selling you a genie in a bottle. C'mon! As for the campaigners I see some complaints from a couple years ago and I will say the site has improved since then. I haven't had any isssues with bugginess or support. I also did not opt to use paypal. To those of you complaining about not receiving funds after you ended your campaign BEFORE the deadline... Seriously ?? Indiegogo isn't your grandpa lending you money for your serious life events, their not your neighbor paying you to do some work for them and they'll pay you in advance. What kind of world do you live in where you expect to be paid early? Did you read the TOS before you signed up? If not that is on you, you lost money because of actions you took. Indiegogo didn't fail you here. The people who are complaining about not getting exposure ???? Welcome to the world of business! You're product may be absolutely the BEST, but if you don't know how to market, well you're S.O.L. Indiegogo does not guarentee marketing for you. If you market yourself well you don't need any help from their landing page. Further more if you do market yourself well, you'll have a chance to be one of the big dogs and possibly meet 1000x your goal. Thats the wonderful part of this. I suggest reading up and learning the best way to do a campaign before just jumping into it. I'm not a professional, I am just a girl who set up a campaign and it worked. I'm just sayin' quit your bitchin'.

Buggy site for users

Apr 05, 2015 by e stanton

Not possible to rate this site low enough. Their site, for building and launching, is very buggy, the tools do not work, they are not helpful at all. My project is legit, yet their buggy site does not allow updates and other prep for launch.They keep dodging the issues.Past experience was mixed, after a while they were partly helpful, but the site is very buggy.


Mar 23, 2015 by Charles Murray

Folks, do NOT use Indiegogo. I'm out over $200 for a product I was ensured was production ready but now am told will never come and here's a refund of 25% of the money pledged. Indiegogo takes NO responsibility for this scam and it's clear the whole thing was fraud plain and simple. Stick with other crowdfunding sites, but NEVER Indiegogo unless it's just charity money you're giving away.

Crowdfunding Websites , USA 1.4 5.0 61 61 Indiegogo is basically an "automated" virtual business. If you want to ask for help, just know that you will be dealing with nebulous emails and that is if you are lucky enough to

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