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IndieGoGo offers those with an idea – creative, cause-related, or entrepreneurial – the tools to build a campaign and raise money.

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Indiegogo don't care

Jun 14, 2017 by Ryan

Paid $300 for a perk. Never arrived. No comms from campaigner. Indiegogo don't care. Indiegogo is just one massive scam. Any one can set up a campaign, promise anything, deliver nothing, and keep all the money. Indiegogo will take their cut and don't give a shit about what's happened. They wont help to recover funds. There's seems to be no legal recourse either. STAY WELL CLEAR. ZERO STARS.

Funds issue

Jun 12, 2017 by Amber

I have a campaign on Generosity by Indigogo and they won;t release funds. They email me once a week saying my account info isn't correct, and for me to fix it. I have done this at least 4 times and I am sure there is not an issue with my account, they are holding the money donated. I have tried to call and it loops back to the website, and the website is one big loop with no answers or real information. Watch out! It is a scam for both campaigners and donators!!

Beware! Indiegogo Ponzi scheme

Jun 06, 2017 by David

Indiegogo is a Ponzi scheme. Fancy Facebook ads for Smove. Collect buyers $$millions as a "donation." Products never delivered. Refunds impossible. Zero customer service. Impossible to contact. Worthless.


Jun 06, 2017 by George

I'm still asking the question if anybody has received a delivery upon funding for a product?

I haven't and this "crowdsourcing" might just be somewhat of a fraud? So if anybody has received delivery please let me know so I can rest easy at night knowing that not everybody will be ripped off...

not good

May 18, 2017 by John

I have invested in three projects on indegogo all of them sucked at getting the product done and out to you. I have been wait for almost a year for info and products. Clearly this is a website with out much oversight as to the quality of their participants. More likely just a bunch of folks try to get money with out actually producing anything.

WHAT A JOKE... iBackpack + Doug Monahan = INDIEGOGO

May 16, 2017 by JOSE

My equation simplifies the results of a well plan SCAM. NEXT...

Scam - no refund

May 16, 2017 by Antony Bakke

Never support an Indiegogo campaign unless you are willing to lose your money. If the campaign is not funded 100%, the money just disappears. This is a scam. Someone keeps the money and there is no reply to any e-mails sent to Indiegogo. I lost my money, so believe me that this is not worth the risk.

Very poor Experience

May 07, 2017 by Robbie

Indiegogo acts like a middleman without taking any responsibility or accountability for the campaigns contributions go undelivered. You cannot even talk to a live person. I ended up not receiving goods after paying $260. You can only dispute with Credit card company for those charged 6 months back. These campaigns run over 6 months. So if you dont pursue and go after campaigners, chances are you wont get the goods you paid for nor you can dispute with your credit card company due to charges longer than 6 months. So Indiegogo is just making money sitting in the middle between contributor and campaign. So DONT trust this site.


May 02, 2017 by RAB

Yes its is a scam and I am sure in time the people that stated the will get some jail time.

iPhone 7 plus halo back

Apr 03, 2017 by Juan martinez

Purchase Jan 13 2017 halo back for iPhone 7 plus 19 bucks worst mistake they never ship the item i actually waited 2 weeks after I wrote them no tracking number whatsoever I will never buy nothing from them they just took my money we are in April still no refund bad business no stars

Don't give them a dime!!!

Mar 12, 2017 by Cory Reiman

They could care less if you get the product nor do they do any due diligence on the products they're including in their web site as well as taking no responsiblity at all for the scammers they're helping to rip off people!! Don't give them a dime!!! This is nothing but a front for criminal behavior to bilk money from people. It's over all a total scam with no safe guards for anyone except their own bank accounts.

indiegogo don't really care if you get your product

Mar 06, 2017 by RJ Brown

After feeling very enthusiastic about indiegogo and their various campaigns I started to find that more and more of the products were not arriving. When I contacted them I received two form letters that basically said "too bad". They offered no help in getting in touch with the scammers. I am now busy contacting Visa to try and get some of my money back. Beware: many of the se companies are scammers!

Want to give no starts

Feb 24, 2017 by Darren

Have backed many ventures, most take it right to the wire before going AWOL, no communication, no product, no money!

Don't use Indiegogo!

Don't expect any help if it goes wrong

Feb 23, 2017 by Andrew

Backed a project it all turned to custard. Indie no help to get your money back.

Indiegogo Scam Alert

Feb 23, 2017 by João Mascarenhas

Indiegogo is a paradise for scammers. Campaigners will steal your money, don't send anything and Indiegogo doesn't care, they don't even reply your questions. Worse than that, even when everyone is aware that a campaign is a scam Indiegogo still allows it to continue getting more backers. Stealing more money. Avoid at all cost.

I got stung too

Feb 23, 2017 by SiO

I got stung with the Spectrum Vega+ product. Another scam it seems.


Feb 22, 2017 by Michele aNGELINA Plunkett

Never recieved my funds(donations) for dead survivorz

Funds raised to date$226.00
Indiegogo fees deducted-$11.30
Payment processing fees -$10.68
Total takeaway$204.02
Funds Disbursement
Next disbursement (Week of Feb 13, 2017) $204.02
Already disbursed $0.00

INDIEGOGO does not help contributors to projects

Feb 16, 2017 by RUTH SIEGEL

I have been waiting more than 2 years for my THINGCHARGER. All I get are excuses. This is the second project that I have supported and the first was a problem too, although I FINALLY received my purchase from the first one.

Indiegogo does nothing to help customers who have been waiting years for their products. All they do is refer customers to the company that is ripping them off. Indiegogo is happy to take their cut and be on their merry way. Perhaps the attorney general of Maryland will be interested in this consumer fraud!

If you are a startup company, find a reputable funding source. I can't believe that Indiegogo's reputation will continue to attract funding from consumers.

indiegogo stole my money . . .

Feb 11, 2017 by jc cheever

if I could give 'no' stars I would. $800 fed into this BS machine . . . nothing came out . . . customer service told me tough luck . . . really? caveat emptor! don't give these frauders or any of their so-called causes a dime! unless, of course, you like pissing money away - in which case let'r rip . . .


Jan 15, 2017 by Richard

If your perk doesn't get delivered you have no recourse as Indiegogo has goven your money to the scam artist and he keeps telling you that your perk was shipper over three months ago and is still in transit!

Crowdfunding Websites , USA 1.2 5.0 95 95 Paid $300 for a perk. Never arrived. No comms from campaigner. Indiegogo don't care. Indiegogo is just one massive scam. Any one can set up a campaign, promise anything, deliver no

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