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IndieGoGo offers those with an idea – creative, cause-related, or entrepreneurial – the tools to build a campaign and raise money.

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Mar 23, 2015 by Charles Murray

Folks, do NOT use Indiegogo. I'm out over $200 for a product I was ensured was production ready but now am told will never come and here's a refund of 25% of the money pledged. Indiegogo takes NO responsibility for this scam and it's clear the whole thing was fraud plain and simple. Stick with other crowdfunding sites, but NEVER Indiegogo unless it's just charity money you're giving away.

Absolutely the WORST

Mar 19, 2015 by Dianna

You are lucky if you get any of your funds out of this very rip off and unethical organization. I had to end my campaign early due to a financial emergency and they would not send me my money. I had input both PayPal and bank accounts even though I would hesitate to give these crooks my bank account information. I ended up doing two BBB complaints and the Better Business Bureau doesn't even care about all the complaints because Indiegogo pays them to be a preferred provider. My donors were so angry and got nothing but scam emails when they tried to complain. NEVER use this company! The complainers here are totally right.

Nov 15, 2014 by Edward

The site of Indiegogo at least suggests the campaigns they are promoting are trustworthy, No doubt many are, no doubt also many are not. There is no serious checking of the campaigns, I know of a campaign that told the sponsors it was all for a good cause; the money went into the pocket of the guys that set up the campaign. Obviously, less campaigns means less money for Indiegogo. Is that the reason they don't check or is it just a lack of responsibility? One cannot be sure that the claims made in the different campaigns are true and valid and therefor, better not go for it.
The one star I have to give in order to get this published is in fact one too many.

Stay away from Indiegogo

Oct 07, 2014 by Trem F

I would give a negative rating if it was possible. Too many scampaigns are allowed to run through Indiegogo with no protection for the funders and when multiple people complained about 1 scampaign I recently funded and show proof that people have been purposely mislead and over $300,000 has been raised for a product that will not be released they get the same responses but nothing actually happens. So long as Indiegogo gets their money then they are happy. One big scam site with one or two legit campaigns. I will never trust anything on Indiegogo again which is unfortunate for other legitimate campaigns.

Avoid Indiegogo

Sep 30, 2014 by Tiffany Mollis

Wish I could rate them zero. They treated my friend and his campaign horribly! Also, even though he had put a year and a half of effort into the project, he was failing miserably because unless your campaign gets a ton of donations no one will ever, ever see it because it will be buried under thousands of other campaigns. When he complained they froze his campaign and then asked him to submit a ton of documents! Horrible people at Indiegogo!

Some may have scammed my debit card

Aug 27, 2014 by David

I placed my first contribution through IndieGoGo on 8/11/14 on my debit card. I live in Texas. The next day someone went in and changed the address on my debit card to Chicago. I only found out when another online purchase wouldn't go through as the ZIP code was not correct. I don't know it was IndieGoGo, but the time frame makes me very suspicious.

If you have used a Debit Card, best check with your bank!

Contributors forced to open PayPal account

Aug 03, 2014 by Kevin Sweeney

My experience trying to run a campaign with Indiegogo has been nothing short of horrible. First of all, I was told that I must have a PayPal balance equal to or greater than the amount a contributor wants to donate. OK, that seems pretty bad but I was gullible enough to put money into my Paypal account and let it sit there idle. Then contributors who didn't have a PayPal account were forced to open one for "security" reasons. Indiegogo has no real customer support. You send off an email, hope for a response within 24 hours and then a canned, completely irrelevant response. Searches can't find my project, contributors who don't want a PayPal account get their credit card info stolen by PayPal even though they back out of the transaction. This site appears to be nothing but a way for PayPal to sign up new customers. If I could rate Indiegogo a zero I would.

Indiegogo lets scammer start 3rd campaign

Jul 22, 2014 by S.Mig

I backed a project's 2nd campaign called smarty ring. It was supposed to give you notifications, time and alerts on your ring. The 1st campaign raised $102,000 so they ran a 2nd and got $289,000. Smarty ring never produced anything, no updates and refuses to answer any of their backers. Indiegogo refused to do anything and then AMAZINGLY let them start a 3rd campaign to screw over a new bunch of suckers. They don't care if a campaign creates a scam as long as they get their cut! STAY AWAY FROM INDIEGOGO, THEY DON'T CARE WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY!!

Indiegogo refuses to release Funds

Jun 28, 2014 by Anita Wills

They are the worse Crow Funding Source out there and are continually changing the rules. I set up a Campaign on Indiegogo after carefully looking over their requirements. Within one day the goal was met and I was told the money would be forwarded to my account. I waited and nothing, so I filled out their comments form. Then I got a response that I needed to fill in my bank account information. I told them that the money was to come through paypal which was approved, and they did not respond. Then I called their (hard to find), phone number and got a voice mail. No one has returned the phone call but I did send another message. This time they told me because the donation came through a credit card I needed to have a Bank Account. So I gave them my Bank Account Information and it was accepted but the funds have yet to be transferred. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and am about to file a consumer complaint in California (where they are located). This is the worst crowd funder out there and I will never use them again, nor refer them to anyone else. They are drawing interest on the money that was donated to my campaign, and have already taken their fees out.

SIGMO this pal! nostar4u!

May 27, 2014 by blair

"Talk and understand 25 languages" anybody else in on this one? Occasionally I get a email, it's been a year+, they send mechanical renderings of "product"! But!!!look at the header! "Talk and understand 25 languages" (with a plastic box smaller than your phone, you pick a language, talk into it! a button-other person listens- they speak their language into box blablabla.....what a frigging hook yes!? I fell for it "hook, line and stinker"! Never again, not anyone I know, then not anyone they know, then!!...lets get this frigging train rolling'!! funk'em! ....ya'fungas among us.

They'd receive a negative star rating if it was available

May 05, 2014 by J Dub

I thought the idea of a crowd funding group that didn't require the hoops of Kickstarter to be a great platform to get ideas and products moving. Seems it done just to get more people to put their ideas out there, get the supporters, and then pull the campaign after people have already sent their money. No way to get a hold of the campaigner so it looks like I'm out the money. My bad - should have read the site reviews.

Total Fraudsters

Apr 16, 2014 by Deborah Sims

Please read the other negative reviews on this page and do not send your money to these fraudsters. They will take it and then not pass it on to your intended recipient. I sent £50 to my niece in December 2013 and 5 months later she has still not received it. Indiegogo refuse to enter into any discussions and keep telling me it has been paid into my niece's nominated bank account - it hasn't. I am now looking into ways of securing a refund but it seems to be quite complicated - any advice gratefully received. Thank you.

Captain Canuck scam

Apr 14, 2014 by Jonathan

My experience through the Captain Canuck Webseries campaign taught me that anyone can take your money and not deliver on perks. If that happens, short of a civil lawsuit, you're out of luck. There is nothing protecting the contributer.
Early October we we're told that all the perks have arrived and will be delivered in two weeks. Month after month we were given excuses as to why the perks had not been delivered. Then in December we were told that the campaign was waiting for the delivery of one perk. Again, the following months we were told that delivery will come within the next week or two. It is now mid April and we were told that all the perks were delivered three weeks ago. With the exception of a smattering of people saying they got their perks, few have actually been received.
What a complete rip off. Until Indiegogo and other crowdfunding sites get their act together, I will never contribute again.

To those...

Mar 16, 2014 by chrissy

…who are complaining that IndieGoGo doesn't drive traffic to your page, have you ever considered that your project isn't that good? The thing about democratizing investments is that if you don't get funded it's no one else's fault.

Never got the money

Jan 10, 2014 by Tom

BEWARE! Ran a campaign but never received the money. Do not use Indiegogo.

Coolship/Android Keyboard Ripoff!

Nov 04, 2013 by Steve

I had donated to a project called Coolship the android keyboard. I paid $240 (with currency exchange) for two keyboards and the project was successful. My money was paid to FocusWill Information Technology Co.,Ltd (who has vanished apparently, domain is gone as well) and received a lot of "update" emails. After a few months without an update and the recent one saying shipping delays because of extra shipping costs it had well past the 45 days I could get my paypal refunded. A month later after trying to contact the campaign owner I was asked for more money ($55) to ship the keyboards express.

At this time I figured out the lists of orders they supposedly processed were fake and did not send anymore money. Trying to contact indiegogo has given me nothing and I cannot get a refund via Paypal after 45 days.

SO long story short, beware if using paypal or even your CC for funding campaigns as Indiegogo does not seem to have any way to make sure you get your items. If I knew all this upfront I would never donate to any campaign if they can't deliver in 45 days.

no quality control

Oct 28, 2013 by martin

i donated to a project, commited to providing us with "goog quality watches for an affordable price"
the Name of the starters is MVMT and they claimed to get their backers the watches with a discount of 45$. i paied 59$. so the amount in question in theory would be 104$.
imagine my surprise, when i discovered, that they sell their watches for the exact amount of 59$ on their own website.
so i didn´get no dicount at all. i got the regular retail price.

indigogo basically said, that no one on their platform needs to keep their promise and that most people are happy to support them anyway.

so if you go there, beware, that no one is going to help you, should anything go wrong.

Great experience

Oct 19, 2013 by L. Herrera

I can see that there are a lot of unhappy people here who feel cheated or ignored by the site which is expected when dealing with the crowd funding world. When I first of Indiegogo I didn't know what it was. All I know was that my boys wanted too buy a perk for a video game upstart company. When I asked them how much they needed they told me $149.00. I was shocked at the cost but when they said that they were donating the money my first response was "Are you two crazy???" Video game companies make millions of dollars so why the heck are they begging for money. After researching the company I allowed them to donate their money but I warned them that if they didn't receive their perk then oh well lesson learned. Well they received their perk, the company surpassed their goal and everyone was happy. Since then I follow Indiegogo and I donate to causes that I never would have known existed.
My point is Indiegogo is obviously not perfect but it gives anyone a chance to create a campaign no matter how crazy it is. I mean it's better than standing on a corner, holding a cup out, and begging for money. I'm just saying.......

My experience Indie SoSo

Oct 03, 2013 by Marvin Haak

Ran 3 health campaigns and 1 small business campaign on Indie GoGo, Did poor on all. 1% and under on all, but I did get what was raised but it did take from 3 weeks to 6 weeks after closing to get funds. That said you need to look at what does good here, Film and such projects do well, but the traffic in the other area's is so so to not good at all. I would look at the venue I am in before I would post here, and you need to hit $500 in 2 weeks or you are off the public pages, can be hard to do. Some health campaigns do well, but most do so so to poor as I have tracked a few, my own and some friends. So I would say look at the area you will be in for a few weeks before you go for it.

It was a good experience

Aug 09, 2013 by John Moran

When I was researching Indiegogo before starting (and after) I read all the horrible reviews here, and was worried. I've never submitted a review before, but to counteract these, I felt I should. My experience was very positive. Customer service was helpful, and nice about it. I didn't make my goal, but it was better than nothing (and my own fault, too). I just got notified that the funds I raised were sent. After reading the other statements here, it seems that they were written by people who have no understanding of how crowd funding works. You need to make sure your campaign is interesting to people, and clear. You need to get it to people yourself; Indiegogo couldn't possibly do that for a person, it's your campaign. The technical side of the site was very good, and there was only one issue at the end, where Chase bank wouldn't recognize Indiegogo for a week. But that's not Indiegogo's fault, and they even got back to me with an apology very quickly. So, my advice is to think of it as a platform that allows you to do what you can yourself. They took 9% (which is ok) plus 3%. - it was a chunk, but I knew that going in. They were very trustworthy in all ways possible.

Crowdfunding Websites , USA 1.4 5.0 42 42 Folks, do NOT use Indiegogo. I'm out over $200 for a product I was ensured was production ready but now am told will never come and here's a refund of 25% of the money pledged. I
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