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The ammado site is different to any other social media or donation platform as our main focus is integrating best practices from social media and web 2.0 in order to create and continuously evolve a dynamic and interactive platform dedicated to promoting change. ammado connects nonprofits, socially responsible companies and engaged individuals in a unique environment of shared interests and supplies the tools necessary to support online campaigning, fundraising, engagement and communication.

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not able to withdraw

Jun 17, 2018 by cherish foundatiion

Not able to withdraw amount of 1000 usd. unable to understand who should we approach. confusing stage.

Cash Flow Problems?

Nov 17, 2017 by Frank

Some really worrying times for our ngo when requesting funds transfers - tens of emails unanswered, transfer requests took months to be executed. Feeling blessed to have recovered donors hard earned cash. Use at your own risk.


Jul 19, 2017 by Zaheeda Tshankie

We have serious deadlines to meet for orphans and widows in Syria. I live in South Africa. I should have backed away when they didn't send my funds on time a few times before. That time they were responding to emails. This time around they stopped responding to messages and I've sent over 15 emails! I'm distraught. I have no idea how we will raise these funds again to meet our deadline

Be very careful

May 07, 2017 by Mervin

They haven't wired funds dating as back as April 2016. They HAVE even stopped responding to emails (tickets). The first two payments they said someone forgot to include us and after 5 follow-up emails they sent half the amount the following month. After that they don't respond despite automatic acknowledgement of ticket receipt.


Jan 26, 2017 by jona Ben Kwameh


We are a new NGO in Ghana and started using Ammado for our fund raising campaign for our course. we were able to raise over $10,327.17 from our donors around the world. Ammado has not given us any explanations about the where about of our money as they refused to send our accumulated donations. We have written several emails and they refused to reply. Their only number on the net, a German number is not working.
we contacted Laura Haldene on the facebook who is a staff of Ammado and she said their support team should have contacted us. Our destitutes and orphans with autism and disable people that are suffering untold hardships are dieing, yet Ammado refused to release our donations to us. It is my prayer that the sicknesses that befell these our members and the abject poverty and sufferance that they are in which this money would have helped them, the Almighty God will transfer them unto the members of Ammado and your generations yet unborn. your only remedy is to send that money to us. You are all FRAUD STARS and will never go unpunished. PLEASE, DO NOT RECOMMEND AMMADO FOR ANY BODY OR TO ANY ORGANISATION, THEY ARE EVIL.

still waiting on $500 from 12/15.

Oct 26, 2016 by Molly Mednikow

After reading the other reviews I fear we'll never get the money! A regular donor donated through Ammado. It was the first time ANYONE had donated to us through them, & we don't know how she found them. She donated $500, and we only learned of it from her. Who knows if others have donated and we never knew! The check from Ammado, which took forever, BOUNCED! They said nothing like that had ever happened. We had to jump through hoops. No amount of proof or info from our bank satisfied them that their check had bounced. Currently we are waiting on a wire transfer. We paid bank fees for the bounced check. We've waited 11 months for the $500 donation, AND they are still charging a $50+ fee! We aren't holding our breath for the money. Sadly, Amazon CARES charity is in danger of shutting down. Peruvian law requires us to pay Peru employees double in December, & we never know where the funds will come from! DO NOT TRUST ANY FUNDRAISING TO THESE FRAUDULENT PEOPLE!


Apr 20, 2016 by NGO in Tanzania

We are also waiting for funds. We have sent 5 messages since late December, with no response whatsoever. This is inexcusable. We are suspending all Ammado fundraisers through our organization and will initiate an online campaign to warn Ammado users about this problem if it is not resolved in the next week.

delayed donations and no contact

Mar 11, 2016 by NFO

Similar story; resulting in no contact or explanation why our donations have not been sent to us.

We are a small NGO in Cambodia, that relys heavily on Ammado, as our main source of income.

Currenly waiting for over $3000 usd to be transferred!

Any phone number as contact??

donations not disbursed: sponsors deserting us

Apr 08, 2015 by ralph stone

we are a small african ngo with a good track record. we have had USD 7000 in the ammado pipeline since christmas '14 to feb '15. still no funds and no response. sponsors now believe we are suspect, and cheques we wrote in good faith for a building project are now bouncing. it's worst case.

Shaky Service

Mar 16, 2015 by John De Silva

Right now, after several months using Ammado, I rate the experience as a mixed bag trending toward negative. We started out well, receiving our donation payouts minus the Ammado and bank fees in a timely manner. We currently however, have about $1000 being held by them for the past 4 months. They are supposed to payout at the end of each month unless the amount is under €100, but our amount as you can see is much higher. I have sent numerous emails that have gone unanswered. They are looking pretty bad right now, holding onto a charity's money. As it is, without our money AND a reasonable explanation to why they are not releasing it to us I can't endorse them.

Crowdfunding Websites , USA 1.1 2.0 10 10 Not able to withdraw amount of 1000 usd. unable to understand who should we approach. confusing stage.

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