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No human contact ever

Nov 26, 2019 by Cecil

I was scammed for a lot of money so I hope this review helps someone. I never write reviews which I feel bad because they are helpful but I will not stand and let others get straight up scammed by this company that allows campaigns to scam people or are most likely part of the scam. The worst part of it all is that you are left with your own frustrations because you will never speak with a human about any of it. Only emails that show no care in your matter. Not worth the risk, trust me

Indiegogo continues to allow scams

Sep 05, 2019 by Shawn Huckaby

I've backed several campaigns on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter in the past, I've received a few great items, a few that were average at best, and a couple of real duds. Lately I've come to realize that Indiegogo has become rife with scams, con artists, and other unscrupulous operators. These days you're lucky to receive anything at all for your money, and Indiegogo doesn't seem to care.

Indiegogo claims to have a "Trust and Safety" team, but in practice they fail to protect their own customers. Several recent campaigns have scammed people, including myself, out of millions of dollars. Items are never delivered, campaign owners misrepresent, stall, maybe deliver a token amount of faulty goods, and then disappear. When you complain to Indiegogo's Trust and Safety team, you get a canned response that they'll look into it. If you ask any follow up questions you will never get a reply. If you complain again later, the process repeats.

People who have been scammed are left to try to fight it out in the comments section, or report the offending campaign to the Better Business Bureau, or the Federal Trade Commission. Meanwhile Indiegogo turns a blind eye and allows the scammers to continue to swindle new customers.

I think the problem is that Indiegogo has no financial incentive to ever shut down unscrupulous campaigns, no matter how bad the scam. In fact, since Indiegogo takes a piece of each transaction, their incentive is to attract as many campaigns as possible, and to never step in.

Indiegogo is quick to hide behind language that you are never guaranteed anything when you contribute on their platform. Even worse than that, their own marketing materials tell campaign owners that Indiegogo is the only crowd funding site where you get to keep everyone's money even if you don't reach your funding goal. The combination of this disingenuous, have your cake and eat it too approach, with their willingness to look the other way creates the perfect breeding ground and platform for scammers of all types, many of whom are outside of the US, and so can operate with complete impunity.

I'm done risking my money with a company that knowingly abets scammers and con artists. Indiegogo either needs to clean up their act, or they should be shut down


Jun 06, 2018 by Susan

I had planned on ordering an item but after reading the reviews I wont... too many negative reviews.. I can see that not every one would be happy but so many unhappy ppl...I am out for now...

Horrible customer service

May 28, 2018 by noyb

You can't depend on getting an item you back and they won't communicate with you when you try and resolve the issue. They just don't give a damn.

Scam all the way

Apr 30, 2018 by Theodore Redinbo

Don't support them in any way. I have been waiting 5 months, for a product, they keep saying the items have been shipped, lies lies lies. Why can't people be truthful?


Feb 21, 2018 by Brad

Unless you like receiving SPAM emails, do NOT join them. I supported one project on this site and have been inundated with SPAM ever since. There is no way to be removed that I can find. I have tried unsubscribe (sever times), deleted my account and complained to them directly. Once you are on their list, it is for life apparently.

IGG assists in iBackpack fraud

Dec 23, 2017 by John

IndieGoGo is nothing more than a conduit for fraud. I supported the iBackpack campaign which was a scam started by this thieving POS from Austin, TX named Doug Monahan. He collected nearly $800K ($720K on IGG and about $80K on Kickstarter) from about 4,000 investors, then after applying the KY Jelly and giving a couple of good thrusts of the pelvis, disappeared from the face of the earth with everyone's money. And, IGG hasn't done sh_t about it. Soooo, I am just licking a couple of wounds like the 3,999 other people, but still holding out hope that one day I'll run into Mr. Doug Monahan. Anyways, I am like most everyone else on here recommending staying away from IGG. It's just a ponzi scheme and you'll either lose money directly like I did, or pay good money for some piece of junk product. I just don't understand why I even have to give one star on this review in order to post it.

Stay away

Aug 23, 2017 by Rolf

I supported 9 campaigns. 3 of them did not fulfill the specs. 1 did never deliver. 1 is 18 month behind schedule and there is still no sign of a firm delivery date. Indiegogo does not care a straw about its users. All in all I have thrown a few hundred dollars down the drain. Never again! Stay away from this organisation unless you want to loose money.

Stay away

Aug 22, 2017 by Rolf

I supported 9 campaigns. 3 of them did not fulfill the specs. 1 did never deliver. 1 is 18 month behind schedule and there is still no sign of a firm delivery date. Indiegogo does not care a straw about its users. All in all I have thrown a few hundred dollars down the drain. Never again! Stay away from this organisation unless you want to loose money.


Aug 01, 2017 by alexis


Failure to fulfill committment

Aug 01, 2017 by Alexis

April 3, 2017 I placed an order for two evalpolar units with a guaranteed ship date of June 2017. Since mid-June I have attempted to contact Evapolar. Mid-July I posted negative feedback on the company and eventually received communication from Evapolar stating that they did not have my contact information or my purchase information and shipping address. I sent Evapolar the information they stated they did NOT have. I received an email from Darya Wheeler (Support) that the items will ship soon. After not receiving the items, I sent Darya Wheeler additional emails in which she stated they were "backed up" but the items will ship soon and she will send me the tracking information by the 27th of July. After subsequent emails, Darya responded the items will ship on 31 July 2017 and Darya will send me the tracking information. I sent emails requesting the tracking information on 31 July as well as 1 August. At this point I don't want the items, I just want my money back. This is a failure to fulfill a commitment by Idiegogo and Evapolar.

Indiegogo has ye to pay out for successfully funded campaign

Jul 06, 2017 by David

Dear campaigners,

You will read many horrible reviews here of not having received a PERK you paid for. That is the responsibility of the campaigner to send and deliver, not Indiegogo's. It is Indiegogo responsibility to pay out if the campaign has reached its goal and more than that 14 days after the end of the campaign. The campaign of my client Hypar Kayak ended on May 2oth. Funds were due o June 6th. Still no funds received, no explanation whatsoever This terruble because we are already producing the Hypar Kayaks and now need to tell our suppliers that we don't have the money to pay them for the materials.
We didn't use paypal due to the bad publicity and warnings received about them holding on to the money due to the high risk of crowdfunding and waiting for all perks to be delivered.
We do sincerely hope that IGG is a serious and legitimate business, but we are taking legal action now, because we need that money to deliver our Hypar Kayaks...

Total scam

Jul 02, 2017 by Peter Gliddon

This organisation, and I use that term very loosely, seems to be a vehicle for the professional scammer. I made the mistake of contributing to three campaigns, after a minimum of a year on each I have received nothing. Indiegogo have no accountability, offer zero support, and that's if you can actually work your way through the minefield to contact them.
Yes I feel stupid so don't follow me, avoid them like the plague. Minus stars should be an option.

Indiegogo don't care

Jun 14, 2017 by Ryan

Paid $300 for a perk. Never arrived. No comms from campaigner. Indiegogo don't care. Indiegogo is just one massive scam. Any one can set up a campaign, promise anything, deliver nothing, and keep all the money. Indiegogo will take their cut and don't give a shit about what's happened. They wont help to recover funds. There's seems to be no legal recourse either. STAY WELL CLEAR. ZERO STARS.

Funds issue

Jun 12, 2017 by Amber

I have a campaign on Generosity by Indigogo and they won;t release funds. They email me once a week saying my account info isn't correct, and for me to fix it. I have done this at least 4 times and I am sure there is not an issue with my account, they are holding the money donated. I have tried to call and it loops back to the website, and the website is one big loop with no answers or real information. Watch out! It is a scam for both campaigners and donators!!

Beware! Indiegogo Ponzi scheme

Jun 06, 2017 by David

Indiegogo is a Ponzi scheme. Fancy Facebook ads for Smove. Collect buyers $$millions as a "donation." Products never delivered. Refunds impossible. Zero customer service. Impossible to contact. Worthless.


Jun 06, 2017 by George

I'm still asking the question if anybody has received a delivery upon funding for a product?

I haven't and this "crowdsourcing" might just be somewhat of a fraud? So if anybody has received delivery please let me know so I can rest easy at night knowing that not everybody will be ripped off...

not good

May 18, 2017 by John

I have invested in three projects on indegogo all of them sucked at getting the product done and out to you. I have been wait for almost a year for info and products. Clearly this is a website with out much oversight as to the quality of their participants. More likely just a bunch of folks try to get money with out actually producing anything.

WHAT A JOKE... iBackpack + Doug Monahan = INDIEGOGO

May 16, 2017 by JOSE

My equation simplifies the results of a well plan SCAM. NEXT...

Scam - no refund

May 16, 2017 by Antony Bakke

Never support an Indiegogo campaign unless you are willing to lose your money. If the campaign is not funded 100%, the money just disappears. This is a scam. Someone keeps the money and there is no reply to any e-mails sent to Indiegogo. I lost my money, so believe me that this is not worth the risk.

Crowdfunding Websites , USA 1.2 5.0 108 108 I was scammed for a lot of money so I hope this review helps someone. I never write reviews which I feel bad because they are helpful but I will not stand and let others get straig

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