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Razoo is a fundraising website for nonprofits.

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Jan 27, 2020 by Ellen Donnelly

I had donation(?) on my credit card...for what and when I called to check I could not ever get a person. Since I am unaware of using Razoo I think it may be a scam...am I right?
RATING should be -5

Dec 24, 2017 by Virginia Jones

I made a donation thru razoo by credit card- got worried when I did not get a receipt right away like I do for Greater Good then called the credit card and disputed the donation. I did not realize most of my donation would go to razoo and there is no reason for doing this when you can give directly.


Aug 03, 2017 by Melanie Hansen

Donated through Razoo - sent letter to organization of how much I donated - they responded that they got $25.00 - emailed [email protected] and stated that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE A $100.00 TIP to them. They said I must of accidently authorized a tip. Razoo said they would correct this donation and make sure organization got paid the full amount. Will check with organization next month to make sure they got the $100.00.

ABU Education Fund

Jul 28, 2017 by Lynn Mallek

After e-mailing us about a check they owe us, we have tried reponding by e-mail to no avail. Calls to the support number are to a voicemail, it never answers. Something very fishy here....

Sucky site

May 14, 2017 by Dale Smith

I have money in my account and no way to take it out as I'm unpublished and stripe is no help they should be shut down rip offs!!

Rip off

Dec 01, 2016 by Marie

Zero stars should be an option.
This company tries to add a \"tip\", their term, to the amount one is trying to donate. Its my understanding they are already being paid a fee by the nonprofits who are trying to raise money. They think they (Raxoo) should be paid at both ends. Seriously??? How much money that was suppose to go to nonprofits has this company ripped off? Never again. I would recommend companies find a more reputable company to help raise funds.


May 19, 2016 by Claire

If I could give it a negative rating, I would. Not only do they charge an outrageous amount to the nonprofits who use it, when you donate and try to contact their customer service, it is horrible! When I donated money and they took out at least 10% of it, I called to see what was going on. The person who answered was Lin. She wouldn't explain it to me and when I asked to speak to someone else, she said there wasn't anyone else. I would rather donate directly to the charity and have 100% of the money go to them or their 2% fee taken out.. not 10%.


Jun 20, 2013 by Lauren

I thought I read the agreement and donated $200. Well, $10 went to the charity and $190 as a "tip" to Razoo. Can this be right?????

Poor customer service

Feb 14, 2013 by Corey

Having difficulty with some of the functionality. There is a widget you can use to post on facebook that is supposed to show the status of your fundraiser. It doesnt have up to date data. When I asked customer service I was told that it was facebook's problem and they couldnt do anything. It would eventually update itself. Not an a good answer especially now that they want to raise their rates to 4.9%


Oct 16, 2012 by Mark

Check the facts in the public records and tax returns of the Razoo Foundation,less than 87% of the money donated through Razoo.com goes to the actual non-profit the user is trying to support on average. This would mean after everyone get's their cut the fee is 13%+ but they do pay their "partner" company Razoo Inc. pretty handsomely.. This company and their involvement with The Razoo Foundation is using legal loopholes to scam everyone.

least expensive out there!

Aug 08, 2012 by t

I hope they don't raise their rates. Cost is only 2.9% with no other fees! Amazing. Couldn't run a team-based fundraiser on it though.

Missing Features

Feb 07, 2012 by Augustine

Seems like a nice looking site to start my non profit fundraiser but it looks like fundraisers do not have the opportunity to embed the fundraiser on their own site? Is that correct or am I missing something?

Crowdfunding Websites , USA 1.4 3.0 12 12 I had donation(?) on my credit card...for what and when I called to check I could not ever get a person. Since I am unaware of using Razoo I think it may be a scam...am I right?

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