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Nov 18, 2017 by Linda

So far, so good. I have no complaints. They said the money would take 3-5 days to transfer, and it transfers way faster than that. I see where someone has donated (making my total go up) and then I get an email from GFM that a certain amount will be transferred and then, there it is. I actually couldn't be happier.

Fradulent GO FUND ME account reported with no help!

Aug 08, 2017 by Pretzel

I am appalled by GO FUND ME! My sister died. She was married and cremated and now her adopted son in a different state is trying to get money out of innocent, giving people. He is asking for $3600 for a memorial service in a location far from where my sister ever lived. I contacted GO FUND ME and they told me that I should fill out a claim form if I donated and tell other donors to do the same. The originator is using his so called fiance's FB account and she and he have criminal records. I fear reporting this to the local police because of lack of confidentiality. I highly recommend not to use GO FUND ME since they pocket a % of the donations and basically do not care about innocent ppl donating on fradulent requests!

Campaign organizer is committing fraud or breaking the law.

Jul 30, 2017 by Lori L Martinelli-Perkins

You should only report a GoFundMe campaign if you believe the campaign organizer is committing fraud or breaking the law. Personal disputes between two parties will be ignored.
Maybe this company started out with good intentions but the almighty dollar got the best of them.
How do we know that all these Campaigns are true. Who do you contact if you think the organizer is breaking the law? Who confirms each and every plea for help? My ex-son-in-law is asking for money for legal fee's to help him when we go to court to fight to see our grand-daughter. His story is FAKE NEWS!

The worst company and support EVER!!!!

Jul 29, 2017 by Nancy

If I could give them no stars I would. A friend was in a bad accident. And my friends and family donated money. Then the idiots that work at gofundme delayed us pulling the funds by weeks. And integrated us like we were criminals. Asking questions and acting as if they are involved in anyway. HEY GOFUNDME your a landing page your not the hero. We are the hero's butt out of the event and know your role!!! There support staff is terrible. Asking 100 questions when all of the answers are there in the campaign and account


I don't know why

Jul 27, 2017 by Miranda Martinez

I don't know why people are leaving such bad comments. I absolutely love gofundme! They helped me out so much! Yes, I agree the money they take out is a bit high, but look at the website they are running! How else are they going to keep it going? I got my money when I needed it! Gofundme is the best!


Jul 13, 2017 by Jared

I've done a couple campaigns. One for an event, and one because my employer wouldn't pay me which put me in financial peril. They were small amounts, both under 200 dollars, and I raised most funds from friends and family.
I was surprised to see the overwhelmingly negative reviews.
I am displeased with how long it takes for bank transfers to process, and the percentage they take is quite high (about .094 percent or 9 cents on the dollar), but fortunately I have not been charged for anything else. The other reviews have me worried,m came I should cancel this account all together.

Delay Delay Delay

Jul 10, 2017 by Don

We have been trying since 20 June to withdraw funds - and even though GoFundMe answers email promptly, they always delay, delay delay..

So 3 weeks later and yet again today GoFundMe says.. Oh, wait, we "can see the deposit will be sent out tomorrow and it will reach you in the following 2 to 5 business days".. This is the same excuse they used 5 business days ago.. And probably will be the same excuse after the next 5 business days go by...

Shame on you GoFundMe...


Jun 26, 2017 by John

GFM charge 8% without letting people know upfront and its really disturbing!
I know 2.9% is from credit card fee.. but I bet they can lower that to at least 2% and maybe charge people just 2% instead of 5% so total should be 4-5% Greedy corporate in disguise!!

rip off

May 22, 2017 by Edward Eberhardt

Only give it 1 star because you can't be lower. A woman started this fund for my niece who died this year saying it needed money to help for funeral expenses. Even though I knew her mom could afford the expense I decided to help. I filled out all the required parts and hit the "continue" button, it landed up double charging my credit card. I followed the rules too get a refund, nothing would ever happen. I'm now out over $1120.00 even though I offered to let them keep the half I thought I signed up for, I've never have heard back. I found you could not get out off the site without powering off my phone, otherwise you it keeps doubling your amount you pledge. STAY AWAY.


Mar 15, 2017 by Anonymous

Do not use this site !!!!
I started a campaign for a close friend and not only did they have the WORST customer support ever, they even accused us of the campaign being illegitimate during this hard time. It has taken us over a month to go through the process of retrieving the funds and we still have not received them yet.

Gofundme should be ashamed of their service and their treatment of clients, especially as their aim is to help those in times of need. All they did was cause more stress and upset. Never again we will use this site

GoFundMe is the WORST

Mar 06, 2017 by Diana

Stay away from this site! They have ZERO customer support and don't give a shit about you or your campaign. I set up my fundraiser with them, sent out all my contacts and posted all over social media. I even was in the news promoting my fundraiser. Within 8 hours they suspended my account with NO explanation and NOONE that I could contact. No phone number and they did NOT respond to a single email for 48 hours despite their "5 minute" promise. Needless to say they ruined the momentum I had created (80 of fundraising gets its donation in the first 24 hours of going live). I am now refunding my donors and cancelling my campaign. I would NEVER recommend these scammers....they ruined my fundraiser:(:(

Does not follow its own rules regarding age requirements

Feb 07, 2017 by John R. Goss, III

GFM has terms of service that it does not enforce--nor does it seem to care at all. I know one kid with two GFM campaigns--a minor (violation of terms of service) and using a false name (violation of terms of service). Have lodged a complaint about both but have only received a auto-reply. Kids using the service without parental permission to fund bogus needs is selfish and demeaning of the intent of many others on the site.

GoFundme asks me for money everyday

Jan 02, 2017 by debra hudnall

I began a gofundme account and after I submitted it, I have gotten messages everyday, every hour to pay money so that people can see it. I paid it. And an hour later, it asked me for more money. I don't get that

Worked for me!

Dec 17, 2016 by Cheryl Rutten

I have a friend who suffered a stroke and will be needing help with expenses. I set up a gofundme.com account, asked several questions, got answer's back quickly. Received some donations that I then had transferred to my checking account, all went very smoothly and in a timely manner. Was worried at first with several bad reviews, only bad part is fees, but there is no such thing as a free lunch and I appreciate a sight like this to help me and others out.

Ignored my plee

Dec 15, 2016 by Tim

A couple years ago I submitted a plea on gofundme to help my daughter. She had just been evicted from her rental and at the same time her old car broke down. So she was homeless with no transportation to her job as a housekeeper for a major hotel. I was in no position to help living 600 miles away living on a small pension in a small trailer. I am a disabled veteran unable to work. The gofundme neted $70. $50 from my mother and $20 from a family friend. What pees me off is seeing similar stories get on the local or national news and all of a sudden they are worthy and the people get thousands of dollars more than they need. In some cases they get rich....ugggggghhhh

Horrible experience

Dec 10, 2016 by Linda Fares

Will not allow me to withdraw funds for a cause to help the poor. Everything requested was given and still no withdraw. Emails arent getting anywhere and now after days no response. Not sure what to do now!

Forced to pay for WePay=Zero satisfaction

Nov 20, 2016 by Jenny Rooker

My mother died unexpected and tho a veteran there is really no real services. As she was my employer with boosted funds for homecare it left me in quite a jam. 2600/mo to pay 1600 in joint overhead to 700/mo. The fees for the GFM site are up front and hella pricey to start but my surprise when I was forced to make a "we pay" account ! And takes money for what? My funding stalled when I was asked by my family to raise the amount so they could help me but all donations after my first withdrawal to cremate my mother are only showing up as the donor post but not in the account! As it is there was a sizeable bite taken out. The remainder was for me and my disabled son to have gas to return to our homestate AZ instead of this hellhole I came to in order to assist my mom and bring her to AZ. What is sad I could probably get more if I was wanting court fees to "save my pit bull that bit" from euthanizing. It was very easy to set up but a little lacking in disclosure of ALL fee. I that crappy site that takes a week to pay you is mandantory it should be mentioned as a fee upfront.

FRUSTRATED w/ lack of communication from GFM!!!!!

Nov 19, 2016 by L. Mullen

I am reallllly frustrated with a GoFundMe(Medical) account I have my niece. Donations are s l o w l y trickling in BUT, twice now I have spent over an HOUR writing an update to keep her donors abreast of what we're doing and how she is. NEITHER of them showed up on my FB page and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a human being from GFM to help resolve the issue! They only have an ENDLESS list of drop downs you have to keep opening like a hallway of endless doors...helllooo, hellllo....helllllllooooooo is there any help here? Helllllllllloooooooo, here? How about here????
I am too angry to continue my quest with them as time is of the essence for a person fighting a terminal illness! I will stop promoting this one (kinda useless anyway) and will take whatever money is in there, because I am going elsewhere to start a different campaign and BTW the one I am going to does NOT charge you money except for the payment processing fee from donors. Too bad...if they would provide some customer service for the money they are making, I wouldn't have left!

needs to be more disclosure and tighter rules

Sep 30, 2016 by liz b

I friend recently told me about his cousin died of cancer and my friend sister (whom no one will speak to anymore) started a gofundme account. it raised a couple thousand for funeral expenses. she kept all the money and refused to give the deceased family member any of it. go fund had put the check in her name so she felt she was entitled to it. these stories are more common. first across the top of the page of any gofund story or account you click on it should state this is who open it, this is who it is for and this is who the check will be written to. if a check is not writtento the cause or family it was meant to help, giver be weary. Any go fund rep should have some sort of contact with the family it was set up for, not just the person setting it up. there needs to be protocol for hundreds or thousands of $ being handed over. rules needs to stated, signed and dated that any money not given to the stated cause or family will be considered fraud and they will be criminally prosecuted and or reported to the IRS for reimbursement of the funds (withholding tax refunds)
I feel real bad for my friend the family has no recourse because she has and spent the check.

Justice for Buster

Sep 13, 2016 by Adrianna

Go fund me refuses to release funds raised on my behalf for the intentions they were raised for. They have no contact phone number to reach anyone and the emails are a run around game. Pretty sad.

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